Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Jewel Colours

I love jewel colours ~ they are rich, dymanic, vibrant and bold.

These colours even sound exciting to me ~

emerald green
amethyst purple
ruby red
topaz yellow
sapphire blue
tourmaline green
turquoise blue
I am drawn to these colours when I buy clothes and I have just realised that the same is true when buying yarn ! A quick check of my stash reveals that I have quite a lot of deep jewel colours.
Hope you like these pretty baby hats with their bright flower adornments ~ 
turquoise flower

lime green flower
purple flower

A simple crochet hat brought to life
with a shell edging,
a crochet flower
and a bright button
Contemporary and cute ........


  1. Very cute! It's amazing how little details like crochet flowers or a a pretty shell edging can add so much to a simple pattern!

  2. These will look lovely on a baby.

  3. The baby hats are adorable!

  4. The flowers make the hats look so different...So cute!!!

  5. Cute hats! Love the flowers and buttons!

  6. They are beautiful with their colourful flowers Marianna I love those colours too :)

  7. The baby hats are beautiful with the wee flowers and buttons.. Hugs Judy

  8. You did a lovely job on this project :) Thank you for linking up at "Link & Share Wednesdays", Rhondda

  9. Hi! You were one of the MOST CLICKED projects on Link & Share Wednesdays! Congratulations!! Rhondda (Oombawka Design)