Monday 28 October 2013

Baby Socks

Just finished these cute crochet baby socks ~ my latest charity donation.

Should keep some tiny toes warm this winter.

small baby socks

small                    large                    medium

medium baby socks

I used DK yarn and a 4mm crochet hook

You will find the pattern instructions here ~

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Santa Christmas Decoration

How are you getting along with your festive projects?
Do you need a quick and easy new idea?  How about a crochet Santa?
Crochet Santa Decoration 
This pattern is written using UK terminology.
A little red, white & pink DK yarn
3.5mm crochet hook
Black or navy yarn for the face
A small jingle bell
Using white ~
Make a foundation chain of 20chain stitches. Join to form a circle.
Rounds 1 - 4
Chain 3, then make a tc in every chain stitch all around.
Join with a slip stitch. 20sts.
Change to pink ~
Work 4 further rounds
Change to white ~
Work a further 2 rounds
Change to red ~
Work a further 4 rounds
Next round - Chain 3, *1tc, work next two stitches together, repeat from * all around.
Work a further 5 rounds, decreasing one stitch on every round.
Sew up the back seam.
Embroider a face - eyes, nose, mouth in a dark colour, & a moustache in white.
Stuff lightly.
Sew along the bottom.
Add a little silver or gold jingle bell and a hanging cord to the top of the hat.

For a long hat variation - work as above until joining in the red.
Using red work in rounds decreasing one stitch in every round until 3sts.

Finish off as above.


Saturday 12 October 2013

Granny variation blanket

Oh my goodness ...... isn't it a great feeling when you finally complete a project you have been working on for ages.... ?


I have loved making the squares for this blanket ~
but joining them together seemed to take forever and it stopped being fun about halfway through!

However ~ I am happy with the result.  
This was a true stash-busting project. No two squares are the same, and I used up lots of odd bits of DK yarn.

Each square is based on the traditional Granny Square of five rounds, but with
 every stitch worked on the second and fourth rounds.

After joining them, I added a pretty border ~

So .... time to start another project.....
I love that bit of the process ~ dreaming, planning, chosing colours ......


Friday 11 October 2013

I Love Yarn Day

The 11th of October is....... 'I Love Yarn Day'

For me - every day is an I Love Yarn Day.


Hope you are having lots of creative happiness.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Premature / Angel Gown

I cried whilst I made this ~ but it is so lovely.

premature / angel gown

I made it in the hope that it would bring blessings to the parents of a premature baby or angel.

It's a great pattern ~
I made mine in DK yarn (8ply)

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Cute baby hat & slippers in festive red

Cute baby hat & slippers in festive red
festive red baby hat

festive red baby slippers
Another quick and easy project ~
a perfect gift for a December baby ..... 

Festive Crochet Baby Hat            0 – 3 months

DK yarn

4mm crochet hook


This pattern is written in UK terminology      

tc = treble crochet        dc = double crochet

Worked in the round

Using Red

Chain 3,  join with a slip stitch into a ring.

Round 1:   ch2, make 9tc into ring, slip stitch to join. (10sts)

Round 2:   ch2 then 1tc in same stitch as ch2, 2tc in each stitch all around, join with slip stitch. (20sts)

Round 3:   ch2  then1 tc in same stitch as ch2,  * 1tc in next stitch, 2tc in next stitch repeat from * all around,  join with slip stitch. (30sts)

Round 4:   ch2  then1 tc in same stitch as ch2,  * 1tc in next stitch, 1tc in next stitch , 2tc in next stitch repeat from * all around,  join with slip stitch. (40sts)

Round 5:   Ch 2, tc in each stitch all around, join with slip stitch. (40sts)

Rounds 6- 12:    Repeat round 5

Using White

Dc all around

Join with slip stitch.  Fasten off.  Weave in ends.  Add a pretty ribbon bow
Festive Crochet Baby Slippers
The baby slipper pattern instructions are at
I made mine in red yarn, them finished off with one round in white,
before adding a matching ribbon bow.

Monday 7 October 2013

Snowflake Placemat

I have been making decorations ~ and really enjoyed crocheting these  hexagon motifs ~ so I played around and came up with this ~ Snowflake Placemat
snowflake placemat

To make the Snowflake Motif ~
These instructions use UK terminology
Use a medium weight yarn. I made these with DK yarn and a 4mm hook.
Chain 3 stitches and join with a slip stitch into a circle.
Chain 1, then make 5 double crochet stitches into the circle. Join with a slip stitch. (6sts)
Chain 5, then make 3 trebles and chain 2 into next 5 stitches, make 2 trebles in last stitch and join to first 5 chain with a slip stitch.
Chain 2, then (make 2 trebles, chain 3, make 3 trebles) into the first chain space, then (make 3 trebles, chain 3, make 3 trebles) into each chain space all around. Join with a slip  stitch.


To make the Placemat ~

Make 7 hexagon motifs
I made one hexagon in two colours and used it for the centre.
Join together around the centre motif by joining at the corners.
Make a double crochet border all around the outside edge.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Festive Crochet Gift Bags

Why not make your own cute festive gift bags this year?

These are really easy - and quick to make ....... and you can easily alter the width or length to suit.


Make them in stripes ...... or in one colour
And add a pretty ribbon bow
Gift Bag

 DK yarn
 4mm crochet hook
 ribbon or lace trim


This pattern is written in UK terminology.         tc = treble crochet        dc = double crochet

Foundation Chain:   chain 20

Round 1:   1tc in third chain from hook, 2tc in every second stitch along chain (18sts),

and then continue in the same way along the bottom of the chain, making 2tc in in every other stitch . (36sts in the round).



Join with a slip stitch.

Round 2:   chain 3 and make 1tc into the first 2-stitch group, 2tc in each 2-stitch group all around. (36sts).  Join with a slip stitch.

Repeat round 2 until the work measures 15cm (or the desired length).

Edging Round:  chain 2 then make 4tc in the same stitch, 1dc in each of next 3sts,  *5tr in next stitch, 1dc in each of next 3sts repeat from * to the end of the round.  Join with a slip stitch.

Darn away ends.

Thread a ribbon or lace through the bag, and tie a bow.

This project was featured on ~

 I was featured on ~

Tuesday 1 October 2013

We Have a Winner! ....... Congratulations

My blog is giving me so much joy that I wanted to share the fun.
At the beginning of September I offered a free prize give-away -
a beautiful silver handmade necklace from Albion Gems with a Swarovski crystal heart.
So pretty.
Today I put all the names in a draw and the winner is ......
Gail Martin 


Your prize is ready to send to you.