Saturday 25 May 2013

Little Goldfish Blanket

What a lovely day I have had. The sun is shining and I have finished my latest little stash-buster blanket in shades of blue and white.
little goldfish blanket
I found the perfect applique to finish it off, sat back and felt happy ......
Then I seemed to get a little distracted. I just couldn't stop making these cute little fish. The are such fun to make.

Then I really got silly ~ and before I knew it an anchor had appeared off my crochet hook.
crochet anchor with fish
Not sure what to do with them now, so perhaps it was a bit of a waste of time. But I had a delightful time so maybe that makes it ok?


  1. Great blanket and you will be able to use the fish on something, so you didn't waste your time. The anchor would look good on the front of a boy's jumper.

  2. Lovely blanket Marianna and you can embellish anything with those cute little fish :)

  3. The blanket is so perfect as a backdrop for these little fishes ;) love them

  4. A gorgeous little blanket and some lovely extras!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  5. So sweet!! The blanket is beautiful with the little cuties on and nooo, it was no waste of time making the other fishes and the ancor! It's a perfect set and maybe you make another blanket one day where they will fit, or e.g. a bag in maritime style where you can apply them :-). And now, Marianna, pop round my blog, there are good news ;-).

  6. Such a cute blanket. The tiny fish are adorable.

  7. Super-cute!!! The white and blue stripes are perfect for the little fish to swim in.

  8. that is one super cute blanket. Love the goldfish swimming around there.
    Your little coloured fish and anchor are cute - maybe a little mobile in the making?
    Enjoy the pretties coming of the hook.

  9. Cute blanket! I love the goldfish!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ USS Crafty