Tuesday 29 January 2013

Stash-buster Challenge 2013

Earlier this month Linda,  at Linda's Crafty Corner wrote on her blog:
Hello fellow stashers, I am so pleased to know that I am not alone, it looks like we all have stash overflow, and once again thank you for all your lovely comments and suggestions on the subject.The question is then what do we do about it, do we really want to rid ourselves of the stash or do we love it too much ?

I think we love it but not too much to let at least some of it go but we have to be gentle with ourselves and do it gradually that’s why Ana from lanas de ana. and myself would like to propose the stash-buster challenge 2013
Why not challenge ourselves to use up a part of our stash every month? would you like to join us?
* * * * *
Loads of people have taken up the challenge - so I decided why not?! 
I do have a fair stash of yarn myself that has been part of my life for a good time now.
Why not make this year the year to reduce it - especially by making an effort to use up all those balls that I don't really like and will never use unless I have a good reason to.....!
If you are a yarnaholic you know exactly what I mean :)
I must admit that it took quite some time to gather all my yarn together - some is in a drawer unit in the lounge, some has taken up residence in the wardrobe, some in a cupboard, and even more in boxes in the attic still unpacked from when I moved here 4 months ago.
Oooppps - confession time - I do actually have a further stash in my daughter's attic too - she agreed to look after it until I was settled in. But as it is not in my possession I will discount it for now, tee hee.
Therefore - right here and now I do declare that at the beginning of January I started out with approx 12750g in my stash. I have never stopped to count it before - and it did come as a bit of a shock. It will ALL be used of course - in time - so none of the money spent has been wasted. Rather it is more of an investment as some of it was bought at bargain prices! Hope you like my reasoning. I don't mind if you use it too if you need to justify your own yarn stash.
After considering the enormity of the situation I made a start. I gathered together several balls and part balls of DK that didn't really appeal to me and knitted them into double DK hats. I have made 12 so far and I am going to donate them to charity. They have a 'tweedy' look about them and although I will never love them, they do look fine and they will be warm and cosy. Stash used - 466g
warm hats - charity knitting

The pattern is from

Well, I have made a start on the challenge. Do you fancy joining in too?

As I am new to blogging, all this is a great big adventure. I thought you might like to get to know me  a little - so as the song says here are a few of my favourite things .......

*  my family, first of course !
*  sunshine
*  being by the seaside
*  knitting and other crafts
*  drinking wine, and
*  eating great food

Combine all those - and I would have my perfect day!