Saturday, 19 January 2019


Well ~ I am delighted to announce that - THANKS to YOU - I am a Winner
of Knit Now Magazine's Knitter of the Year Award for the category of Online Innovator! 

It may not be as quite as prestigious as a Bafta or Golden Globe 
- but believe me - I am really DELIGHTED 
to have been awarded this in recognition of my contribution to contemporary knitting in the UK and around the world! 

When I started my Marianna's Lazy Daisy Days BLOG in January 2013 - my intention was to share my creative ideas with other crafters, especially those who  gave their time and talents to charity knitting.

When I started making and donating I quickly got fed up with making the same few patterns over and over. And I soon began to make up my own! I had written patterns for a short time over 30 years ago, so - though I had limited experience - I set off and found the ideas came flooding in!   
And I discovered that others appreciated my patterns too! 

I love when others share their photos and appreciation of my designs. It really motivates me and keeps me moving on ! 
I set up a hugely successful facebook page and group, and through those, and Ravelry and Pinterest, I try to keep in touch as much as I can with those who enjoy my patterns. 
I like to encourage first and foremost - we were all beginners once. 
Knitting is a journey and not a destination! and we are all still learning new skills and tips every day.
Answering questions, trying to inspire, helping on-line charity groups all around the world, giving praise and being available soon led to true on-line friendships - and we all need more togetherness and friendships in our lives! 

I really want to thank all of you who appreciate my work and took the time to vote for me. Your friendship and support means the world to me! 

Thank You to Knit Now Magazine for hosting this competition.
You might like to see the other winners on this link ~ 

 And, as in all great award speeches, I really want to thank my lovely Mum & Dad whose love, support and encouragement has been so important throughout my life ! 

My lovely Mum & Dad 

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