How To ........ Top Tips


How To ......... Join Seams Neatly Using A Flat Seam ~ Top-Down and Bottom-Up Sweater & Cardigan Designs

How To ......... Join Underarms Neatly ~ Top-Down and Bottom-Up Sweater & Cardigan Designs

How To ......... Add A Collar To My Baby Cardigan Patterns

How To ......... Add A Hood To My Baby Cardigan Patterns

How To ........ Knit Corner to Corner

How To ........ Knit Curly Cues

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  1. Hi Marianna.
    I used to be an avid knitter when my boys were babies(35 yrs ago), machine and hand knitting. However I had a massive brain hemorrhage a few years ago and its been a long road to recovery, although I'm almost back to normal now I do have a few memory problems and I have found that I have almost forgotten how to knit! I'm expecting my first grandchild soon and would like to get back knitting, I came across this website and downloaded a few patterns and I'm amazed how simple to follow they are, they are so straight forward. With your patterns and a little help from YouTube I'm getting back into it and a lot is slowly coming back to me. I just wanted to say thank you very much for your brilliant blogspot and amazing patterns.