Thursday, 16 May 2013

Premature Baby Blankets

These cute little premature baby blankets are my latest charity knitting project.

basketweave premature baby blanket

This one is made in simple a basket weave stitch ~
and the following one is made in a pretty diagonal stitch.
A garter stitch border ensures that they lie flat, with no curling edges.
diagonal stitch premature baby blanket
 Blankets for premature babies are quick to make and each one uses only 100g of acrylic DK yarn.
These stitches are perfect ~ pretty and practical.
Lacy patterns look cute but are not suitable for tiny babies as there is a danger of little fingers being caught in the holes.
Pastel shades are in greatest demand, ie: white, pink, green, blue, yellow, peach, lilac. Bright and dark colours are not so suitable for special care baby units.
These patterns came from ~



  1. Sweet blankets! I have not kniited one in a while...

  2. Lovely blankets and I like the way you have photographed them. I've never tried the diagonal stitch so that is on my to-do list now.

  3. They are lovely. Do you know if many hospitals are in need of blankets and if there are any special requirements?

    1. Hello hazey bee

      Some tips on knitting blankets for tiny babies ~

      Yarn – D.K. Baby Yarn is most popular. Wool and wool rich yarns are nice and soft but they are NOT suitable because hospitals wash garments at high temperatures which shrink and felt wool. A standard Acrylic or Acrylic blend yarn is best. Baby Aran and 4 Ply can also be used, but Chunky is a bit too thick for the smallest blankets. Textured and Bobbly yarns are unsuitable because they can rub delicate skin.

      Style – Any stitch that produces a smooth texture can be used. Patterns using a combination of knit and purl stiches are easy and give good results. Lacy stitches are pretty and fun to do, but they are NOT suitable because tiny, fragile fingers can get caught in the holes. Aran style cables may cause similar problems. Crochet blankets are not used at most hospitals.

      Size – The most frequently used size is 18” x 24” rectangular - you do not need to be precise - but nothing smaller than 14 inch square.
      Don’t worry if your finished blanket is not an exact size – there is a good home for it! Also, please don’t trim your blanket with a lacy edging or ribbon.


  4. They are lovely Marianna, I love the diagonal stitch, I will have to try that :)

  5. What a good thing to do. They are very pretty and I think I have to try the diagonal stitch.

  6. The diagonal stitch is easier than it looks. Go on - give it a go!

  7. This has been a huge help :)
    I have just started knitting and wanted to make some little hats and blankets for our local hospital but wasn't sure of sizes etc

  8. Dear Marianna, These blankets look great. I will have a closer look at that pattern and work on my knitting skills; because I am a more of a crocheter not a knitter. I support the "Verein Stärnechind" in Switzerland. We provide clothing for pre- and stillborn children in our country. See for what we do.
    Regards, Bettina

    1. I looked at the blog - what a lot of really cute and lovely clothing. I loved my visit. Thank you for suggesting it. Very best wishes. M

  9. Hi Marianna, I have tried to get the pattern for this Blanket and it seems to be no longer available. Could you please advise where i could find
    Regards Diane x