Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Yin and Yang

I am a contradiction

yin and yang

Although I am no longer a young woman  ~ I certainly don’t feel old !

I like to keep up-to-date:  I  am interested in music and fashion,

I have embraced the ‘modern’ world of technology  ~

I had one of the first gameboys when they were considered to be the a teenager’s craze !

I worked out how to do the facebook thing when it was in it’s early days -  and surprised my teenage daughters by sending a friend request.

I love ebay, craft forums, ravelry , pinterest & blogging.  Who doesn’t ?

And yet ……….
And yet I love beautiful old vintage things too.

They are sometimes shabby and worn with use – but they are often lovely still - in my eyes.

I have a collection of knitting pattern leaflets from the 1950s and 1960s onwards.

I love them – I love looking at the style of the photos and although they were designed to be made in classic white and pastel colours many of them still look good today.
One of my particular favourite ‘oldies’ is this one ~
It has a shop inkstamp for 1979.

I have knitted this little cardigan for a multitude of new arrivals and I never grow tired of making it.
pink cardigan

The style may well be from decades past but it still stands up well to the test of time.
white cardigan

Yin and yang are complementary, not opposing, forces.
There is a place for the old as well as for the new

What 'old favourites' do you have ?


  1. I have a book that was given to me when I left primary school and another (in Latin!!) that was given to me when I left secondary school. I could never part with them.

  2. I have a Patons woolcraft book which I got in 1973 it was 30p, so quite modern really new money haha. I learnt how to crochet with this book and I still use it often, the cover is all torn I have stuck it together countless times. :)

    1. Kindles etc are great - but it is hard to beat picking up a much loved old book. You have had that book for 40 years Linda ! 30p well spent. !

  3. Im hoping one day to "adopt" my Mums patterns although she cleared out many, before I learnt to knit (I was a late starter!) I do have a book, from car boot, The Dales of Parkwood Hill (taken from Mrs Dales Diary) and I love love love it - it has 7/6 net on it so older than me ........ xx as they say old ones are the best

    1. 7/6 is 37.5p in 'new' money.
      Take inflation into account and it's worth about 10p today.
      To you it is worth much more of course. Enjoy it !

  4. I also love vintage patterns, I have a needlework book that belonged to my grandmother and that still inspires me. My mother also has lots of knitting and crochet magazines from the 70's that I often borrow.
    And your little cardigans are precious, so lovely!

  5. Yes, some vintage patterns are classic! And these baby cardigans are super cute and delicate. I love how you made one with round neck and the other with a V-neck. I like both!

  6. I would like have that Pattern. It is so amazing.

  7. I would love to make that cardigan too