Sunday, 28 April 2013

Tangled Bits to Tidy Bobbins

How do you store your left over small amounts of yarn?
When you need just a little length to make a little flower adornment, or to embroider a face on to a toy you have just completed,
do you have to search through a tangle of bits and small balls?
It's so frustrating when you know you have just the colour you need .... somewhere .... but where ? !
So here is my solution ~
BEFORE                   ~                   AFTER
I decided to tidy up by bag of small balls today.
I started by cutting out some bobbin shapes from card ~
 Then I wrapped each length of yarn onto a bobbin ~
catching the loose end into a 1cm cut made at the top ~ to keep each neat & tidy and to stop them from unravelling and tangling up
I found a pretty basket to put them into ~
tidy bobbins
Now when I am looking for a particular colour it will be so much easier to find


  1. Well done Marianna, what a good idea, they looks so neat tidy and appealing, lovely bright yummy colours :)

  2. Great idea and the basket is very pretty. I keep my little bits in a small vintage-looking wooden box that used to hold a bottle of Christmas drink.

  3. Wonderful idea!!! I think I will do just the same...Thanks for sharing.

  4. Fabulous idea Marianna! Might just do that!!
    Aali x

  5. Neat idea and now your basket is colorful and more pretty... Thanks for sharing.. Have a lovely week.. Hugs Judy