Monday, 22 April 2013

Sage Green Infinity Scarf

Sage Green is a very pretty colour.

I found a couple of balls in my yarn stash, and knew it was time to use it !
As it is a boucle yarn I knitted it in a simple garter stitch (knit every row).
Larger than normal needles gave a pleasing open texture.
I knitted until I was almost out of yarn then cast off and joined the short edges together.

This infinity scarf / cowl used 80g of yarn.

Sage plants have a small deep vibrant dark blue / purple flower so I decided to add a detachable flower motif in this colour.

Flower Motif

Small amounts of yarn –
A             Yellow
B             Deep Purple / Blue
C             White

Using A, make 3ch, join with ss into a ring,

1st Round             Ch2, 11tr in ring, ss to complete round, fasten off

2nd Round            Join in B , ch2, 4tr in first st,  
                         ss in next st,

 *ss, ch 2, 4tr in next st,

ss in next st, *

repeat from * to * around the rest of the round, fasten off 
(this makes 6 petals in total)

3rd Round            Join in C, with a ss in first ss from previous round

                                * Ch9, ss into next ss from previous round*

                                Repeat all around , fasten off

Darn away ends securely


  1. I always find it hard to use the bouclé yarn...but your idea is great! lovely infinity :-)

    1. I don't enjoy working with boucle as it is slow to knit. But I do have more in my stash - and as I am stash busting I will just have to keep using it from time to time !

  2. That's a perfect stitch for boucle yarn and the whole thing has turned out lovely.

  3. it's beautiful Marianna, love the flower:)

  4. Marianna, It is very very beautiful.. Hugs Judy