Tuesday, 16 April 2013

BLOOMing LOOMing ~ not for me!

I know a lot about knitting ...... and I enjoy passing on my skills. I run a knitting & crochet club for students & staff in the school where I work. It's good to inspire others and I am always looking for something new.
I can knit lacy patterns, cables, Fair Isle, intarsia and ............ lots more!
Isn't knitting GREAT ?
But I have never tried loom knitting ~ so I thought it was about time I gave it a go.  
Looms can be circular, square or straight.
I got myself a straight loom and settled down with some pretty yarn and a tutorial or two - I found some good instructions at http://lovintheoven.com/2013/02/diy-how-to-use-a-knitting-loom-to-make-an-infinity-scarf.html
And I began ~ full of excitement to be learning a new technique ......
I have seen some lovely garments and blankets made by this method. 
I followed the instructions and soon I understood how the loom knitting works ......
I wasn't sure about tension, so to tried a practice first - but it seemed to work up evenly so that wasn't a problem.
I decided that the yarn I had chosen would make a pretty scarf - and as I did not want it to be as wide as the loom I started for real this time without using all of the pegs.
loom knitting

I tried using the hook,
and also tried just using my fingers and found that was quite easy and a bit quicker.

BUT ....... it was all so   s - l - o - w
I could have knitted 6 times as much using normal needles. 
Feeling a bit frustrated I made myself a lovely mug of coffee and had a bit of a think. All new techniques are slow of course but I realised that I would never build up enough speed to make this feel worthwhile.
And I recognised too that there was no 'rhythm'. One of the lovely things about knitting for me is that I get into a rhythm and I enjoy it.

Well - no surprise then -
the loom and yarn are now in a bag in the cupboard.
Goodness knows when, if ever, it will see the light of day again.
It was good to learn a new skill ...... but LOOMing is not for me.



  1. It's so funny that you have blogged about this today Marianna, I visited a wool shop today with my daughter and she picked up a loom like the red one and asked what it was, I told it was a loom but hadn't a clue how it worked, she didn't buy it but said she might give it a go one day, I can now tell her about your loom adventures and I have a strong suspicion she will give it a miss haha, patience is not one of her virtues :)

    1. I just know that it is not for me - but I guess it is fun for some - and kids might enjoy it !

  2. Marianna I also gave it a go and like you decided it wasn't my cup of tea. I started with a set of round ones and made a hat for myself, which I do wear quite a lot. I mastered what I thought was a quick way of doing it but it still seemed to take ages to grow. I also discovered that you have to use quite thick wool with them otherwise it just ends up really gappy. I then decided to buy one of the big s shaped ones for making blankets on and was told I could use DK on it. However, after trying a test panel on it I decided it was more of a flaff than anything else and it is now in a cupboard along with the round ones. Isn't it funny how you just don't take to some things x

    1. I don't like to give up BUT .......
      Anyway - I am glad to know it is not just me. X

  3. I would like to have such looms! I can't find any where I live. I have to work in circles with Barbie's magical knitting loom, but it only makes little circular things, though I made snails and a scarf. Tina

  4. I used to have a loom that I really liked. I only ever used it for scarves (didn't know at the time you could make anything else with it) and they were some of the best ones ever. Nice and thick and lovely fabric. I will say that mine was a little different from the ones around today. I've tried using those and do not care for them, but my old one is no longer being made and it broke years ago.

    I like the quote you used about rhythm, where's it from?

    1. would like to be able to credit if possible