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Old Shale Lace Baby Blanket

 Old Shale Lace Baby Blanket                        

’Old Shale’ is a traditional Shetland lace knitting pattern ~ it was probably originally called ‘Old Shell’.

It gives a pretty, light, lacy effect - no wonder it is used so much used for baby garments.

I have previously used this stitch for a sweet baby top and a baby hat.

 A member of my facebook group wanted a matching blanket to complete a baby set, so set to and knitted this one. She did a great job!  It is a lovely blanket. 

Old Shale Lace Baby Blanket

Old Shale Lace Baby Blanket

Knitted by  Elaine Hall



22sts = 4” (10cm)



DK yarn, less than 100g for the smallest size

4mm needles  



Width ~

For a doll / small preemie baby blanket of 16”                  Cast on 87sts

For a preemie baby blanket of 20”                                   Cast on 109sts

For a newborn baby blanket of 24”                                   Cast on 131sts

For a baby blanket of around 28”                                      Cast on 153sts


Length ~ adjustable



Using 4mm needles and DK yarn cast on 153sts or the number of stitches suggested above for the size you wish to make


Knit 7 rows

8th Row:      S1, k4, purl to last 5sts, k5


9th Row:  S1, k4, *K2tog, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k2tog, k2tog, repeat from * to last 5sts, k5

10th Row:  S1, knit to end

11th Row:  S1, knit to end

12th Row:  S1, k4, purl to last 5sts, k5

The last 4 rows form the pattern.

Repeat the last 4 rows until your blanket is the length you require ( I usually make my blankets the same length, or a few inches longer, than the width)


Knit 7 rows

Cast off

Darn away ends

Elaine used 4 x 100g of B & M yarn for her beautiful blanket
(28" wide) 

You will find my matching Old Shale Lace Baby Top here ~

Old Shale Lace Baby Top

And my matching Old Shale Lace Baby Hat here ~

Old Shale Lace Baby Hats

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  1. Such a beautiful pattern that can be used on many items. Gorgeous. x

  2. I loved the pattern and the combined colours of the wool