Thursday, 13 May 2021

Georgie Baby Blanket


Georgie Baby Blanket


4mm needles

DK yarn – less than 100g for the smallest 2 sizes, less than 200g for the 20” size, around 220g for the 24” size, around 300g for the 28” size if you are using acrylic DK yarn.



22sts = 4” (10cm)



Width ~

For a doll / small preemie baby blanket of 16”                        Cast on 89sts

For a preemie baby blanket of 18”                                          Cast on 99sts

For a large preemie baby blanket of 20”                                 Cast on 111sts

For a newborn baby blanket of 24”                                          Cast on 133sts

For a baby blanket of around 28”                                            Cast on 155sts


Length ~ Make your blanket square, or a little longer than the width.


Georgie Baby Blanket    


Using 4mm needles and DK yarn cast on 89sts or the number of stitches suggested above for the size you wish to make.


Start with a garter stitch border~

Knit 10 rows


Pattern ~

Row 1:  Knit

Row 2:  K4, * p1, k1, rep from * to last 3sts, k3

Repeat the last 2 rows until your blanket is the same length as it’s width


Complete with a garter stitch border ~

Knit 11 rows

Cast off knitwise


Darn away ends


You will find my matching Georgie Baby Cardigan and Hat here ~

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