Tuesday 2 June 2020

Easy Basketweave Baby Blanket

I love making Baby Blankets  ........... This is my latest ! 

Easy Basketweave Baby Blanket 

A lovely gender neutral design that is easy to knit, and looks lovely too.

This is one of many versions of basketweave stitch.
I used 4.5mm needles to give a softer looser drape. 

Easy Basketweave Baby Blanket

Width:         ~       
Length:        ~        16”

You can change the size of your blanket by adding or reducing in multiples of 16 stitches (84 +/- multiples of 16)

Width ~
For a doll / small preemie baby blanket of 16”              Cast on 84sts
For a preemie baby blanket of 19”                               Cast on 100sts
For a newborn baby blanket of 22”                              Cast on 116sts
For a newborn baby blanket of 25”                              Cast on 132sts
For a baby blanket of around 28”                                Cast on 148sts

Length ~ Make your blanket square, or a little longer than it’s width.


21sts = 4” (10cm)


Around 90 - 100g of DK yarn for the smallest size
4.5mm needles  


Cast on 84 stitches

Start with a garter stitch border - knit 10 rows

1st Row:       S1, knit to end
2nd Row:      S1, k5, *p8, k8, rep from * to last 14sts, p8, k6
Repeat the 1st and 2nd Rows 4 times more

11th Row:       S1, knit to end
12th Row:       S1, k5, *k8, p8, rep from * to last 14sts, k14
Repeat the 11th and 12th Rows 4 times more

Repeat the last 20 rows five times
Repeat rows 1 - 10 one more time

Finish with a garter stitch border – knit 11 rows
Cast off knit wise

Darn away ends

Easy Basketweave Baby Blanket

I previously made a similar basketweave blanket, but with smaller 'squares'

You will find that pattern on this link ~ 

Willow Baby Blanket 

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  1. I once, many years ago, knitted a jumper for my eldest son using this pattern. Wish I could get a pattern like that again.
    Very beautiful.