Sunday 21 June 2015

Willow ~ Preemie Baby Blanket

This little preemie baby blanket is so sweet and pretty  - 
......a great charity knitting project

Willow Preemie Baby Blanket

Willow Preemie Baby Blanket

Requirements ~

DK (8ply) yarn
4mm needles

Tension ~

22sts = 4” (10cm)

Measurements ~

Width:        16" (41cm)
Length:      adjustable ......... I made mine 18" (46cm)

Pattern Instructions ~

Cast on 86 stitches
Start with a garter stitch border - knit 10 rows
1st Row:       S1, knit to end
2nd Row:      S1, k4, *p4, k4, rep from * to last st, k1
Repeat the 1st and 2nd Rows twice more
7th Row:       S1, knit to end
8th Row:       S1, k4, *k4, p4, rep from * to last 9sts, k9
Repeat the 7th and 8th Rows twice more
Repeat the last 12 rows nine times
Repeat rows 1 - 6 one more time
Finish with a garter stitch border – knit 11 rows
Cast off knit wise
Darn away ends

If you would like to make this baby blanket smaller or bigger ~
then reduce or add in multiples of eight stitches ...
........ for a Newborn Baby Blanket of 24 ½ “
cast on 134sts

........ for a Baby Blanket of 30

cast on 166sts

Copyright © 2015 ‘made by marianna’  All Rights Reserved

This pattern (the information and photos) may not be copied or reproduced
or republished on another webpage or website.

‘This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service.’


  1. That's so pretty, Thank you.

  2. Looks comfy and cozy, perfect for babies. Thanks for sharing, beautiful indeed. Check out White + Warren for more cozy baby blanket and more.

  3. Thanks so much. I'm going to use this pattern to make little blankets to include in Memory Boxes presented to parents who have lost babies.

  4. Thank you for this,First thing I have made

  5. I would like to knit this blanket for my first grandchild - it'll be the first piece of baby knitting I've ever done! How much wool would I need for the 30" blanket? Does this mean the blanket would measure 30" x 30"? Would I need to use circular needles for this size? Due to shielding, I am unable to get to a wool shop to ask any questions like this. Thanks.

    1. I'd like to know how many balls of wool too.

  6. Can't find anywhere it says how many balls of wool!