Sunday 2 July 2017

Keepsake Bag

I think this sweet little Keepsake Bag will be treasured!

Keepsake Bag

Keepsake Bag  ~  for special treasures and keepsakes

Width ~ 4”              
Height ~ 6”

DK (8-ply) yarn                 
4mm needles

Knitted flat - then joined at the sides

Cast on 19sts
Knit 5 rows

Purl 1 row

Knit 2 rows

Next Row:     *K2tog, yrn, repeat from * to last st, k1
Knit 2 rows

Purl 1 row

Knit 2 rows

Repeat last 6 rows 12 times more

Knit 3 rows
Cast off knitwise

Sew up the side seams. 

Darn away ends.

Thread a pretty ribbon, or lace, in and out all around and tie in a bow.

It is easy to adjust the width of this little gift bag - add or reduce the number of stitches in multiples of 2.

 I am happy for you to use my patterns for your own use or for charity donations.
In addition:  You can gift or sell any finished items you make from my patterns.  
However, please do not copy my patterns
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  2. This bag is so sweet. Thanks for sharing it.