Monday, 2 May 2016

Suffolk Puffs

I was asked to make some small items to be sold as part of a fundraising event. I have been knitting and crocheting of course ......  

and I have also been making these ...... 
I thought some of you might like to give them a try too !

Suffolk Puffs

Marianna's Suffolk Puff

These are really easy to make.

To Make a Simple Puff

Start by cutting out a circle of fabric (polyester cotton works well)
Top Tip: Choose a fabric that does not fray easily

Thread some sewing thread / cotton onto a needle and sew a running stitch all around the edge of the circle, with the right side of the fabric facing down
Top Tip:  Use your thread double

Pull the thread so that the circle gathers up

Keep pulling until all of the circle edge is gathered up

Secure the thread by making several small stitches in the centre of the Puff

Add a button

Have fun choosing the fabric and the buttons you use -

To Make a Double Puff

If you want to make a double puff use two circles of different sizes -

I used 4 ½ " for the smaller circle and 7" for the larger circle

Top Tip: If you do want to use a fabric that frays easily - cut the circle a little bigger and fold in a small hem as you are sewing the row of running stitch.

Double Suffolk Puff

These sweet little Suffolk Puffs can be used as brooches by adding a little safety pin, or they can be added to hair clips or bands. Or added as decoration to all manner of items ~ cushions, bags, aprons, hats ...........

Add lace to make a rosette .......


  1. Those puffs are just darlinG! Thanks for the tutorial

  2. At a quilt show I saw a Christmas tree wall hanging made of Suffolk Puffs in many shades of green. It was glorious.