Thursday, 28 April 2016


TUFTY - Finger Puppets

TUFTY           Finger Puppet

DK (8ply) yarn
4mm needles

Cast on 12sts

Knit 10 rows

Stocking stitch 8 rows         (1 row knit, 1 row purl)

K2tog, all across row           6sts

P2tog, all across row           3sts

Cut the yarn (leaving a ‘tail’ to use for sewing up)

Put the tail onto a sewing needle - thread through all 3 stitches, pull up tightly.

Sew up the seam.  Darn away ends. 

Using a length of contrasting yarn, add a little face
To make the tuft – cut 3 lengths of yarn each around 2” (5cm)
Thread though a sewing needle, and pull though a stitch at the top of the finger puppet.
Tie in a knot, and trim a little if required.

Tufty Finger Puppets - Made by Jacqui Gould
These wonderful little finger puppets were made by the talented Jacqui Gould - a member of my facebook page.
They are now on their way to Tanzania - where I know they will give a lot of playtime fun.
Thank you Jacqui - what cute donations ! x

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  1. Very cute kids will love these. :) x

  2. Thank you Marianna these are so cute xx

  3. Easy & quick for Knitting4Peace ( requested item for charity donation.