Sunday, 8 May 2016

Test Knitters

I have now shared over 200 free patterns - and I still have loads of ideas for more designs!

 Many of you lovely readers ask for bigger (and smaller) sizes of my patterns.
 I can write patterns faster than I can test them! And that really slows me down.

I don't want to publish patterns with errors - that is so frustrating for those who follow the patterns ..... So I decided to try asking some lovely members of my fb group if anyone would test knit for me. I was overwhelmed by the response!
Over 100 people volunteered!  

I sent out instructions for bigger sizes of 'Jack & Jill' to 24 knitters.

And here is the result ~

Knitted by Diane Boam

Knitted by Sheila Lucas

Knitted by Riekie Venter

Knitted by Susan Shepherd

Knitted by Tammie Cunningham

Knitted by Bev Thompson

Knitted by Penny Lorimer

Knitted by Val Moorcroft

Knitted by Karen Ferrie

I listened to the comments ~ all in all not too bad !
  • I had mis-numbered a couple of rows in the larger size
  • Several knitters suggested the neck was too wide
  • The sleeves were a little long on the larger size
It has all been a great learning curve. I have altered the instructions to take on board the comments so far .......and I really want to say a massive thank you to everyone who got involved. I really appreciate your help and support.

You will find the pattern instructions at ~


  1. Marianna,
    I just want to thank you for sharing your patterns in the first place. They are nice
    easy patterns to follow when you're knitting them. I would say if I wanted a bigger
    size of one of your patterns, that I might try to work it out for myself. You are kind
    to share in the first place. I have knitted several of your patterns now and I'm stoked
    with them.
    Thank you very much xx

  2. It is a pleasure to help you if not for your patterns i wouldnt be knitting again.

  3. It is a pleasure to help you if not for your patterns i wouldnt be knitting again.

  4. Test knitters must be wonderful folks! I love when the pattern is tested and true!