Monday 30 March 2015

V-stitch Blanket

After making so many baby jackets and hats in the last couple of months,
I was left with loads of small amounts of lots of different colours.
So..... I decided to make a V-stitch blanket
Marianna's V-stitch Blanket
This stitch is much easier to DO than to explain !!

If you can make granny squares..... then...... you CAN make this blanket !

All you need to know is how to chain,
and how to make a treble crochet stitch (UK) or double crochet (US)
There are also many internet tutorials that might help you

Basically - make a foundation  or starting chain of the length you want, depending on your yarn thickness. Using DK (8ply) yarn and a 4mm crochet hook I made a chain of 105sts - this has given me a width of  28" (71cm)
First Row
Make a treble (UK) stitch in the 5th chain from the hook, make 1 chain, then another treble in the same stitch ............. this makes the first V
Miss the next chain, then, make (1 treble, 1 chain, 1 treble) in the next stitch
Continue this all across the row, ending with 1 treble in the last stitch
 Next Row
 Chain 3sts, turn
Make a V-stitch in every V-stitch of the previous row, and end with 1 treble in the last stitch
Repeat last row as many times as desired ............
That's all there is to it! Change colour every row if you want a stripey effect
 * * * * *
However ~ I call this my 'Seven Row, Stop and Sew Blanket'
I really can't bear to sew or darn away all the ends when the blanket is complete ........ so I make myself stop and do this after every seven rows.
Well ..... if I am really honest ..... sometimes after a few glasses of happy juice (vino) on a Saturday night I don't really manage to actually do this ........ the blanket grows so quickly ..........  but I catch up as soon as I can :)



  1. That is the best explanation of v stitch that I have ever seen. I will definitely try this one day.

    1. Thank you Una :) It is such a great stitch for a blanket or scarf - I really hope you give it a go ! x

  2. Wow, looking good, love the stripes.
    Thank you for the easiest to understand explanation of the 'V' stitch ever.
    l must have a go at this, however l really must finish this c2c square, lm a sinner for starting projects then going off on a tangent and starting something else, hence l have a large stash of things unfinished, most l cant even remember what l was going to make in the first place!!!
    Karen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. That is going to be a very lovely blanket. All the colors combined look just PERFECT and very sweet. Good use for the leftover yarn. I have used the granny stitch a lot lately, but this stitch gives a lot of texture. I should revisit it ;-)

  4. love the little diagram, it's fab :)

  5. It's a very pretty blanket Marianna and I love the v stitch but like you not so much the sewing in of ends. :) xx

  6. love it Marion, and yes your explanation is fantastic, new to crochet im definately going to try xx

  7. This is wonderful.. I love it and will be making one shortly.. thank you !!!!

  8. Congratulations Marianna your Meadow baby dress was one of the most clicked links in February's stash link party, thank you for inking. :) xx

  9. Wonderful! ♥ Pretty colors and stitch. Happy Easter!! Nata xxx

  10. Just wondering if I wanted to make it wider what the multiple of stitches is