Saturday, 17 August 2013

Vintage Pattern

I love vintage patterns ~ I have a little collection ~ and I add more when I find them. As long as they are in reasonable condition, and can still be read and followed, then I give them a new home! Some of them I will probably never knit - but I love the heritage, and feel that if I don't 'save' them, then they will end up unloved and in landfill. Here is my latest addition .......

vintage design

vintage knitting pattern

The pattern is from the Scotch Wool Shop - Greenock Wool # 717.
I guess that the pattern might be from the 1940s or 1950s.
As the tension is similar to DK (8ply) I used Baby DK and 4mm needles.
As I was knitting I wondered who had used the pattern last ..... and did she love knitting as much as I do? Was the pattern bought by a new mum looking forward to her new baby .... or perhaps by a grandma, an auntie or a sister to make something pretty for a special new addition to the family?
There is a pretty trellis stitch that I have never come across before.
Who wrote the instructions?  Was the stitch one that was passed down from older generations of knitters?
And will anyone in the future ever use this pattern leaflet again?
I do hope so.




  1. It's lovely Marianna and looks quite modern in that lovely colour you have chosen, I would love to knit it too, I love the trellis pattern. That little cardigan looks pretty too. :)

  2. It's beautiful. I love going through op shops finding vintage patterns:)

  3. wonderful vintage pattern. The cardigan is so sweet!

  4. I love vintage patterns :) This is a beautiful piece - thank you for linking up at Link & Share Wednesdays :) Rhondda

  5. Adorable sweater! I love the color! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!

  6. It's very cute, and a fabulous colour.

  7. Oh, this pattern brings back memories! I still have a copy of it, think it had belonged to my mum. I made it for my nephew who is now in his 40s. Seeing it again has made me remember how lovely it is - maybe I'll make it for our baby grandson, expected soon.

  8. I too love vintage patterns. I have some from my Granny, who taught me to knit. Found some in charity shops and buy others on Etsy. Inspired by you, I now have this one too. Looking forward to knitting it soon, and trying out the other 2 patterns in the leaflet.

  9. I am knitting for an expected Great Grand-daughter & this pattern is definitely on my to-do list for her. Thanks so much. I just love that shade of what I call "Apple Green".