Thursday, 22 August 2013

Crochet Doily

Today I made a pretty little doily.

I was having a tidy up in the attic and I discovered a box of crochet cottons in a variety of colours and thicknesses. It took me right back into my past.
I lived in Portugal and Spain for about 7 years and I used to love to sit in the sun and crochet the afternoons away. I bought lots of pattern design books and magazines and, as most of the instructions were in chart form, I seemed to have unlimited inspiration.
I made no end of doilies, runners, small tablecloths, even edgings for towels and bedding. How I wish I had photographs of my work. I gave most of it away as gifts. I have made so many things and I am sure I have forgotten most of them! These days I take photos of all my creations. Digital cameras have allowed us all to be able to have a collection of pictures at minimal cost. I really appreciate that.
I craft mainly in thicker yarn these days and haven't made anything in such fine thread for ages. I discovered that I still enjoy it - though I have to wear glasses now!
I am getting older - but I am still a fine hooker!


  1. Lovely! And what a great bag!
    K x

  2. Thank you for linking up at "Link & Share Wednesdays" :) Beautiful doily and I have to admit I love the bag!!! It is so very very true! I can get lost on her for DAYS! One link leads to another and by the time I realize it I am totally lost - and distracted from my initial intention! Have a lovely weekend :) Rhondda

  3. Hi Marianne, thanks for linking up and I love your little doily! The bag is just spot on haha!

  4. Your doily is beautiful, I'm just learning to crochet at the moment and I hope someday I'll be able to make something as lovely as that.

  5. I love crocheted doilies. I can't crochet that well myself, so these are beyond my meagre crocheting talent! I buy most of the ones I own from charity shops. Some are used as they were intended, badly stained or damaged one are cut up for projects or the whole thing becomes part of something new.
    Your doily is beautiful.
    Have a lovely week :-)

  6. This doily is lovely. I too love crocheting. I'm sure you had fun discovering the crochet cotton. Thanks for sharing such a lovely project.

  7. well calling yourself a "hooker" is an interesting way to describe a person who crochets lol