Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Crochet Baby Mitts

I have seen some cute crochet baby mitts lately, and wanted to make some for a new baby ~  but I worry that tiny fingers might get caught in open crochet stitches. I wanted the mitts to look pretty but to be practical too. So I designed a pattern in half treble crochet which gives a denser fabric.

crochet baby mitts

Baby Mitts



DK yarn


4mm crochet hook




This pattern is written in UK terminology.       tc = treble crochet     . htc = half treble crochet       
The first round and the last round are worked in treble crochet, all other rounds are worked in half trebles.

Worked in the round.     Make 2


Chain 3,  join with a slip stitch into a ring.


Round 1:   ch3, make 9tc into ring, slip stitch to join. (10sts)


Round 2:   ch2 then 1htc in same stitch as ch2, 2htc in each stitch all around, join with slip stitch. (20sts)


Rounds 3 - 9:   ch2, 1htc in each stitch all around, join with slip stitch. (20sts)


Rounds 10:   ch4, 1htr in second stitch, * ch2, 1htc in second stitch, repeat from * to end of round. Join with a slip stitch.


Rounds  11:   ch3, 1tc in each each stitch all around. Join with a slip stitch.

Thread a pretty ribbon through and tie in a bow.
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  1. They are so cute Marianna, I will be making some! I am making some of your little knitted stocking now and I love them. :)

  2. These are lovely Marianna :) Thank you for sharing at the "Link & Share Wednesdays" party!

  3. These are lovely, I've been looking for little things I can make up with leftover DK yarn. Can't wait to try them. Thanks for the pattern :-)

  4. these are wonderful! The pattern was super easy to follow and they turned out really cute! I lined the inside with fleece to help withstand the cold Canadian winter and now they're perfect!

  5. In row 11: should I be putting a 1tc in each chain also? Seems like it's starting to ruffle. Thanks for the pattern! I am so happy with the way it's turned out!

  6. Is this uk term can I ask. It's a lovely simple pattern thanx for sharing xx

  7. Thank you for sharing this wonderful pattern. They are easy and quick to make.

  8. I found using a magic ring less fiddly and I also made a chain instead of using ribbon

  9. Thank you for the little mitten pattern they are so cute