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How To Make a Blanket from Knitted Squares


Making a Blanket from Knitted Squares


A blanket made up of multiple squares can look spectacular! 

There are many ways to do this ~  use a single colour throughout; use just a few colours in toning shades; or go all out and make every square a different colour for a vibrant effect.


However you chose to make your blanket however, there will be ends to darn away.

And that puts many knitters off ! 


However, there is a way to reduce this and to make the whole joining process much easier – and that is to make strips instead of individual squares, and then join the strips to make your blanket.


This is one way to do it ……..

After completing your first square – do not cast off. Knit the row instead – and then continue with the next square using whichever colour you have chosen. Instead of the cast on work a knit row. 

Once the strip is the length you want your completed blanket to be cast off and then start a new strip.

If you are making a baby blanket of around 30” using 6” squares – instead of joining 25 squares – you will just have 4 long seams to join.





































Made in squares 
















 Made in strips

This link might help in joining your strips ~

I can’t wait to see all your lovely blankets 😊 

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