Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Roses, Roses, Roses

I love flowers - they are a beautiful gift of nature! 

Marianna's  Knitted Roses

These are really easy and fun to knit !

This pattern can be used to make a pretty table decoration, wreath, 
corsage or brooch !

Knitted Rose Corsage

I would like to make it clear that I did not invent this way of making flowers 
- I have seen many variations over the years - 
but this is MY version that I love to make.

You can buy this pattern in my ravelry store
for just £1 (+ tax) 


 I am happy for you to use my patterns for your own use or for charity donations.  
In addition:  You can gift or sell any finished items you make from my patterns.    

However, please do not copy my patterns

Copyright © 2018 ‘made by marianna’  All Rights Reserved
This pattern (the information and photos) may not be copied or reproduced
or republished on another webpage or website.


  1. Oh they are super cute!!!!

  2. these are truly wonderful and I am thoroughly enjoying myself making a big bunch of them thank you for a brilliant idea