Saturday 26 July 2014

Fiesta Granny Blanket

I had so much fun making this bright blanket!
It was a real stashbuster - I used up small amounts of orange, green, peach, red and grey - and tied them all together with white.

When it was finished it made me think of a Mexican Fiesta -
so I decided to call it my Fiesta Blanket!
To make your own Fiesta Blanket ~
Start by crocheting a traditional four-rounds granny square using four bright colours.


Continue by working in white only for a further 8 rounds
Next ~ make 16 four-round granny squares -
I made mine all different but used the same colour for the outer round
Join the squares together in the shape of an empty square frame and add this around the blanket.
I crocheted mine together but you could sew them if you prefer
Continue by working around the outside in white only for a further 12 rounds

Finish by crocheting a bright four-round border using a different colour for each round.
I used a shell stitch on the last round to give a more finished look.

Top Tip ~ darn away the ends as you go .......... it's really much better than leaving them all to the end!



  1. That blanket just makes me want to dance!!

  2. Ohh, fantastic!! ♥ I really like this kind of blankets that include smaller grannies. Yours is fabulous, so bright colors! And the name is perfect :-)
    Happy Sunday! ~ Nata ~

  3. Your fiesta blanket looks great Marianna. I love the bright colors. Have a good evening. :)

  4. Wow .. it does look very Mexican - also very different from the usual granny square blankets. I like it.

  5. Lovely blanket!!! It truly looks like a "fiesta" with all these fun and bright colors. Great idea..I will pin it ;-)

  6. I love this pattern. Will definitely be giving it a try at some point. I love making grannies. :) Best wishes, Tammy