Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Grow Your Blog 2014

Hello Everyone ~ and Welcome to my little corner of Blogland

I have just joined in with Grow Your Blog 2014 -
hosted by Vicki at 2 Bags Full.
Almost 500 bloggers have joined in this international 'Party' Event.
It's a great way to discover new blog sites. I just had a little look at a few and I have seen some very inspiring ideas already!
If you are new to my blog then I welcome you very warmly.
My name is Marianna ~ and this is my 100th blog post!
I started blogging a year ago and my blog has given me a huge amount of joy.
I love craft of all types - particularly yarn crafts - including knitting & crochet - and I spend a ridiculously silly amount of time looking at others creative ideas and projects.
I love to design my own knitting and crochet pattern designs
as well as to use others patterns I see and like.
My blog is my way of making note of my creations, and sharing my pattern instructions with other crafters. All my patterns are free.
Why not have a look around?
And of course ~ if you like what you see ~ please leave me a comment or follow my blog.
That would make me very happy!
Here is the link for a photo gallery of my projects in 2013 ~

And here is my latest little creation - hope you like it?
crochet baby dress

For further information about Grow Your Blog please visit the 
Welcome Page at ~


I would like to thank Vicki very much indeed for hosting such a great event 


and I would like to thank you too

for visiting.

See you again soon .......



  1. I always read your blog and love the photos. Congrats on your 100th posting.

  2. Congrats on your 100th blog posting! Great that you're taking part at this nice event. Unfortunately I saw it too late, but I'm enjoying now browsing through the list ;-). Good luck! Greetings, Nata (already your follower as you know ;-)

  3. Congrats on the 100th posting. Stopping in from GYB party. You have a wonderful blog and it takes a lot of patience to create these wonderful pieces. Looking forward to seeing more....

  4. Marianna - Welcome to my GYB party -- I am happy to have you participate with us this year. I hope you make lots of new friends --- folks will continue to visit here for days and weeks to come.

    Your crochet work is so very lovely -- I always admire folks who can do that - as I can't even hold the needle right! I have placed your blog in section #22.


  5. Hi Marianna, glad to know you and your crocheted and knitted items are so beautiful! The baby dress is so cute.. I should make one soon.. Thanks for stopping by my blog.. Following you.. Hugs:)

  6. Cute top, and current for today!

  7. What a darling baby dress. Thanks for sharing and nice to meet you via GYB.

  8. I would love the pattern for this dress! Expecting baby girl in May :)

  9. hello, nice to meet you, I'll go and have a look round!

  10. Thank you for sharing your delightful work. I have had so much fun hopping around and meeting so many talented people.