Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Emily's Baby Cardigan Jacket

My friend's daughter has just had her first baby and there is great excitement in the family.
I love making baby clothes ~ and wanted to give her a little gift ~ so I designed and made this jacket with a lacy cable panel on each front.
It won't fit her for a while yet, but my friend has been on a bit of a shopping spree lately and has bought lots of newborn clothes!
I thought it would be better to make something in a bigger size.
 I hope I get a cuddle with baby Emily soon


  1. That's a very cute sweater. Great work on designing it - you should write the pattern and send it to a knitting magazine. :)

  2. Pretty jacket! And what a nice color. Like a pool, or like ice candies :-). Congratulations & all the best for mother & baby!

  3. Is there anyplace we could perhaps purchase your pattern for this lovely little cardigan? I would love to make it for my grandaughters.

  4. And the pattern is hiding where exactly??? :)

  5. I love this little sweater. Are you posting directions soon?

  6. love it.. sure wish i could see a pattern for it....