My ETSY Shop

Well - I just started a new venture - by setting up an Etsy Shop to sell some handmade items.
I have only made a few listings so far ......
'just dipping my toe in'  as they say ......
I will add more when I find time.
So ~  if you have seen something on my blog that you would like to buy ~ please contact me so that we can discuss a price you would be happy to pay and I will list it for you :)


  1. I wish you every success in your new venture, you deserve it

  2. I would love to buy the gold fish trio for the blanket as I do not know how to crochet. I would like to buy the pattern also as I might try and teach myself to crochet! Thank you so very much for the pretty patterns on Ravelry. It was so kind of you to give the patterns, especially for us retired folks who finally have the time to knit to their heart's content!

    Elizabeth Hyland
    Elmhurst, Illinois

  3. Wish you good luck in your venture

  4. Well Done your patterns are lovely so i'm sure you'll be successful

  5. Best wishes for your Etsy shop. I will look for you on there. Muriel