Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Premature / Angel Gown

I cried whilst I made this ~ but it is so lovely.

premature / angel gown

I made it in the hope that it would bring blessings to the parents of a premature baby or angel.

It's a great pattern ~
I made mine in DK yarn (8ply)


  1. Im glad you liked the pattern :)
    Your gown is lovely, it looks so sweet and innocent in white.

  2. Parents will find comfort in those lovely items.

  3. So lovely Marianna but I agree, it always makes me cry as well when I make things as tiny as this, :)

  4. A lovely finish and I am sure the parents of this premature baby will cherish their little one and how nice to have an angel dress that fits baby straight away :-)

  5. I am yet to make one of those gowns... I just love children so much, my eyes water just to think about making one. I hope that by the end of the year I have at least two or three done. Got to get the courage I need!

    It's a beautiful gown, so very delicate. I am sure it will help the parents a lot!!!