Thursday, 9 August 2018

Curly Cues - Knitted

I have been having a bit of a play around with curly cues this week.  
And asking myself what makes a great curly cue - and how long should they be - and what is a curly cue anyway ? 

And this is what I discovered ~ 

Although knitters and crocheters refer to these as curly cues (or even curly Qs) - the name actually comes from curlicues.

A curlicue is 
'a decorative curl or twist in calligraphy, architecture or in the design of an object.'

curly + cue (the cue is perhaps from French queue "tail")

  If you want to add curly cues to a Baby's  Hat ~ 

DK yarn & 4mm needles

                                     For a loose curly cue ~                               For a curlier curly cue ~
                                     Loosely, but evenly, cast on 30sts                Loosely, but evenly, cast on 30sts
                                     Kfb into every stitch across the row             Kfbf, into every stitch across the row
                                     Cast off                                                         Cast off
                                     Darn away cast on end                                 Darn away cast on end
                                     Coil into a spiral shape                                 Coil into a spiral shape 

Make 5 curly cues
Use the cast off tails to attach them together
Attach securely to a little hat  

  If you want to add curly cues to a Child's Hat ~ 

  You can make these a bit longer - 40sts instead of 30sts

                                                                                    Loosely, but evenly, cast on 40sts
                                                                                    Kfbf into every stitch across the row
                                                                                    Cast off
                                                                                    Darn away cast on end
                                                                                    Coil into a spiral shape 

 Kfb  = knit into the front and back of the stitch (this makes 2 stitches out of each stitch) 
 Kfbf = knit into the front, back and front of the stitch (this makes 3 stitches out of each  stitch - and it is fiddly - but so worth it! 

 I am happy for you to use my patterns for your own use or for charity donations.  
In addition:  You can gift or sell any finished items you make from my patterns.    

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  1. Oh what fun I am going to have with these! Thank you for expanding my knowledge. Your never too old to learn something new. :-)

  2. Can't believe at 74 I've just discovered the best and easiest curlycues pattern.its amazing curls as you cast off fantastic