Monday, 6 February 2023

Novelty Easter Egg Hats

 Easter is a lovely time to give some little gifts.

This is what I have been making this year for my friends and family. :) 

Novelty Easter Egg Hats 


DK yarn -  you only need a small amount, around 3g - any colour will be suitable

3.5mm needles (or similar)



Cast on 24sts

Rows 1 – 4:  Knit

Row 5:    Knit

Row 6:    Purl

Row 7:    Knit

Row 8:    Purl

Row 9:    Knit

Row 10:  Purl

Row 11:  *K4, k2tog, rep from * to end  (20sts)

Row 12:  Purl

Row 13:  Knit

Row 14:  Purl

Row 15:  *K3, k2tog, rep from * to end  (16sts)

Row 16:  Purl

Row 17:  Knit

Row 18:  Purl

Row 19:  *K2, k2tog, rep from * to end  (12sts)

Row 20:  Purl

Row 21:  Knit

Row 22:  Purl

Row 23:  *K1, k2tog, rep from * to end  (8sts)

Row 24:  Purl

Row 25:  Knit

Row 26:  Purl

Row 27:  Knit

Row 28:  Purl

Row 29:  *K2tog, rep from * to end       (4sts)

Row 30:  Purl

Row 31:  Knit

Row 32:  Purl

Repeat the last 2 rows 6 times more

Row 45:  K2tog, k2tog

Row 46:  K2tog

Fasten off

To complete:  Fold in half lengthways with right sides together, and join by seaming from the cast on edge up for around 3½”. Turn right side out pushing the 'tail' through - and tie a knot near the end. Bend down the top third. 

I have filled each little hat with a Cadbury's Creme Egg 

You could put a little hat on a boiled egg,  for Easter fun.

 I am happy for you to use my patterns for your own use or for charity donations.  
In addition:  You can gift or sell any finished items you make from my patterns.    

However, please do not copy my patterns

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  1. You can also use them for normal eggs as a warmer xD It's pretty cute though. It was so quick and not complicated at all.