Saturday 21 May 2022

Easiest Ever Crochet Headband


Easiest Ever Crochet Headbands

These cute headbands are made flat in one long strip – and joined at the short edge.

Worked entirely in treble crochet (tr) – this is an ideal project for a beginner !



DK Yarn (around 8g – 10g of acrylic DK)

3.75mm (or 4mm) hook

Decoration if desired



Width:  17” all around for a toddler ~ and easy to adjust for other sizes !

            Around 18” for a young child, 19” for an older child, 20” for a teen, 21” for an adult

Height: 1½“

            Or, simply add more stitches for a wider headband


To Begin: Chain 9      

Row 1: 1tr in third chain from hook, 1tr in each of next 6 chains, chain 2 (to turn)

Row 2: 1tr in each stitch across, then chain 2 (to turn).  (7tr)

Repeat row 2, until the headband is as long as you want it to be. 1 made mine 17”

Fasten off, and join the short edges to make a circle

Add a decoration if desired ~ a cute button, little flower, butterfly, bee, ribbon bow ………..

Easiest Ever Crochet Headband

If you would like to add a crochet flower ~ 

If you would like to add a crochet butterfly ~

Little Crochet Butterfly

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