Thursday, 13 August 2020

Car Applique


Little Car Appliques

I has fun making these cute little car appliques!  They are really quick to make too! 

Little Car Applique


DK yarn

3.5mm needles

2 small silver or black buttons for wheels


Cast on 11sts
1st Row:
      Knit to end                                                              (11sts)
2nd Row:       Knit to end
3rd Row:       Cast off 2sts, knit to last 2sts, k2tog                        (8sts)
4th Row:       K2, cast off 1st, k1, cast off 1st, k1                          (6sts)
5th Row:       K2tog yon, k2tog, yon, k2                                        (6sts)

Cast off ~ I do it this way....... cast off 3sts, k2tog tbl and cast this off too.

Darn away ends

Add 2 small black buttons 

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