Thursday, 23 January 2020

Twenty Million Page Views

Those of you who have been following me for a while may remember that I set up this Blog in January 2013 as a way to keep a record of all my makes. 

I was working 4 days a week - Monday to Thursday - and every week I couldn't wait for Friday to come! 
Friday was my ME time ..... 
I could do whatever I wanted with no commitments or interruptions.
I called my Fridays my 'Lazy Daisy Days.' 

7 years later ~ I am still enjoying every minute of my crafting time! 
Life has changed of course, and happily I have found a way to have more of those Lazy Daisy Days !

I have written and shared over 400 FREE patterns on this blog. 

I try really hard to make sure my patterns are easy to follow - oh - and cute too. 

It brings me great joy to know that my patterns are used and loved by many crafters all around the world. 

I am very busy writing patterns (and knitting them to check that all is OK), and this means that I simply do not have time to read every comment 
or question on each blog page. 

So - I set up a couple of facebook groups with the idea that though I may not be around .......  10,000 other knitters and crocheters will probably 
be able to help ! 

Please join either (or both) of my groups - you will find friendship and inspiration there.

The first group  'Marianna's Group Page' is for ALL knitting or crochet questions, comments and chat. Share your photos and see what others are making.

The second group is for Marianna's Lazy Daisy Designs ONLY. 
Ask questions, show your finished projects and get inspiration from other talented crafters. 

The easiest way to see all my patterns is to use Ravelry ~ 

or Pinterest ~ 

And - just for fun I thought I would add my very first ever blog post ~ 

A huge big 'Thank You' to all of you who follow my blog. 

Twenty Million page views! Who would have believed it ? 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us all. Your patterns are amazing.

  2. Love the blog, adore the patterns and think you are a really special, caring, giving person. Thank you for all your work, my friend. xxx

    1. Thank you ! I appreciate your lovely comment. M

  3. Yo tengo la culpa de muchas de esas visitas 😃😃😃

  4. Thank you so much for your wonderful patterns and making them freely available. They are so easy to follow especially for a basic knitter like me! I have really enjoyed making baby hats and shoes for the next generation. My very best wishes and congratulations to you. (You ought to publish a book).

  5. Well done on your amazing journey and all those posts. I have loved visiting your blog for many years now and always find so many gorgeous patterns to try. I will hop over to the links and have a look there too. x

  6. congrats! and thank you for all the wonderful patterns.. i am still working my way through every single one... i think i have about 20 done now.. i'm not a fast knitter...
    can't wait to see more!

  7. Hi, my daughter is pregnant with twins girls for May-June and every time I find a pattern that I like on ravelry for premature babies, it is one of yours: a big thank you for all these nice models.
    Claude aka ultragold