Monday, 30 April 2018

ANGUS Baby Blanket

Such a sweet little baby blanket :) 

Angus Baby Blanket  


Width:      17” – 18 “
Around 90g of DK yarn

Length:     19”


22sts = 4” (10cm)


DK yarn
4mm needles  


Cast on 94sts
Start with a garter stitch border - knit 10 rows


1st Row:      S1, knit to end
2nd Row:      S1, k4, purl to last 5sts, k5
3rd Row:       S1, k4, * yon, K2, pass the yon over the K2, rep from * to last 5sts, k5
2nd Row:      S1, k4, purl to last 5sts, k5

Repeat the last 4 rows until you are happy with the length of the blanket (around 17”)

Finish with a garter stitch border – knit 11 rows
Cast off knit wise

Darn away ends

If you would like to make this baby blanket smaller or bigger ~
then reduce or add in multiples of two stitches
........ for a Newborn Baby Blanket of 24 - 25“
cast on 134sts
........ for a Baby Blanket of 29 - 30 “
cast on 160sts