Friday, 6 October 2017

Tweedy Ribbed Cowl Neckwarmer

Winter is coming ........
This cosy cowl neckwarmer is perfect for those colder days and evenings ahead !
Knitted using two strands of Aran weight yarn it is quick and easy to knit
- and as it is folded over - it provides double the warmth.
 I love the feeling of it around my ears. So cosy.
If you use 2 different colours of yarn you get a 'tweedy' look.
I chose white and a lovely flecked blue, and I am really happy with the result.

Tweedy Ribbed Cowl Neckwarmer

Tweedy Ribbed Cowl Neckwarmer


7 ½ mm needles

2 x UK Aran Weight yarns     (US Worsted Weight)     (AUS  10ply)

116 -120g in total


Width ~ 24” when ribbing is stretched out

Height ~ variable ~ I made mine 13”


Cast on 56sts

Work in 2 x 2 rib throughout

Continue until work measure around 13”

Cast off loosely (or use a stretchy cast off)

Join the seam

Fold over to give a double thickness


Tip ~

Work your 2 x 2 rib in whatever way you usually knit. K2, P2 all across the row will work out fine.
But I wanted to share how I knit this.

I work my 2 x 2 rib this way:

1st Row:       S1, * k2, p2, repeat from * to last 3sts, k3

2nd Row:       S1, * p2, k2, repeat from * to last 3sts, p2, k1

Slipping the first stitch of each row knitwise, and knitting the last stitch of every row gives a little ‘bump’ and the row ends. One ‘bump’ for every two rows as worked.

When I join the seam – I join ‘bump’ to ‘bump’ and this makes it very easy.

The seam is almost invisible to see on the right side.

I am happy for you to use my patterns for your own use or for charity donations.  
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