Monday 25 September 2017

Holly Bunting

With just 90 days to go before hanging our Christmas Stockings for Santa to fill,
my thoughts have been turning to festive fun!
Holly Bunting has been my first project.
There are lots of ways to decorate this simple holly bunting -
use knitted holly berries, or try buttons, ribbons, bows, jingle bells, flowers ......


Holly Bunting

Holly Leaves

Using 2 strands of green DK yarn knitted together and 5mm or 6mm needles ~

Cast on 1 stitch

Row 1:       Knit

Row 2:       Knit 3 times into the stitch                               (3sts)

Row 3:       Knit front & back into the first stitch, k1, knit front & back into the last stitch         (5sts)
Row 4:       Cast off 1 stitch, k3                                         (4sts)
Row 5:       Cast off 1 stitch, k2                                         (3sts)
Row 6:       Knit front & back into the first stitch, k1, knit front & back into the last stitch         (5sts)

Row 7:       Cast off 1 stitch, k3                                        (4sts)

Row 8:       Cast off 1 stitch, k2                                        (3sts)

Row 9:       Slip 1 stitch, k2tog, pass slip stitch over          (1st)

Repeat rows 2 – 9 as many times as you wish - to give you the length of bunting you require.

Fasten off.  
Tie a knot on the cast on and cast off tails to make a hanging loop.



Using a single strand of red DK yarn and 4mm needles ~

Cast on 2 stitches

Row 1:       Knit in the front and back of every stitch          (4sts)

Row 2:       Purl in the front and back of every stitch          (8sts)

Row 3:       Knit

Row 4:       P2tog four times                                            (4sts)

Row 5:       K2tog twice                                                    (2sts)

Row 6:       P2tog

Cut the yarn and fasten off

Tie the cast on and cast off tails together (this pulls the berry together)

Make as many berries as you like and add them to the holly leaf bunting.
 I am happy for you to use my patterns for your own use or for charity donations.  
In addition:  You can gift or sell any finished items you make from my patterns.   
However, please do not copy my patterns

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