Monday 1 May 2017

Jema - Little Treasure Gift Bag

One of my facebook group members asked for a pattern for a knitted little special treasure gift bag. 
I made this in a pale aqua yarn with a shimmer that sadly does not show in the photo, and a lacy garter stitch. I think it is pretty - and perfect for a little treasure keepsake.   Hope you like it Jema.

Gema ~ Little Treasure Gift Bag

Little Treasure Gift Bag for Jema


DK yarn
4mm needles


Width:       4”
Length:      6”


Cast on 21sts using the thumb method

Rows 1 & 2:        Knit across the row

Row 3:                * k1, yo, k2 tog, repeat from * to end

Row 4:                Same as Row 3

Rows 5 - 8:          Knit across the row

Rows 3 – 8 form the pattern

Repeat these 6 pattern rows 16 times more (or until the required size) - finish after completing a 7th Row

Cast off.    Join side seams.    Darn away ends 

Thread a pretty ribbon, or lace in and out all around and tie in a bow.

It is easy to adjust the width of this little gift bag  - add or reduce the number of stitches in multiples of 3.

Gema ~ Little Treasure Gift Bag
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  1. Gorgeous. This could be so handy! Thank-you!

  2. Hello my name is Claudia Adolphus and I came across of some of your patterns and would like to ask for your permission to translate them into german and to be able to use them in our Facebook group Sternenkinder > Lichter die ewig leuchten. We make clothes for preemies and Angelbabies and give them free of charge to hospitals in need. I also would make the translations available to u if u wish. Sincerly Claudia