Tuesday 6 December 2016

TAMSIN Chunky Neckwarmer


TAMSIN Chunky Neckwarmer


Ladies Size ~

Width           7”
Length          30”


Use UK chunky yarn, or 2 strands of DK knitted together
7.5mm needles

Cast on 26sts

1st Row:       S1, * k4, p4, repeat from * to last st, k1

Repeat the last row 3 times more

5th Row:       S1, * p4, k4, repeat from * to last st, k1

Repeat the last row 3 times more

These 8 rows form the pattern.

Repeat these 8 rows until the neckwarmer measures until around 30”

(ending after working a 4th or 8th row)

Cast off

Cross over and join together the V edges

Add some pretty buttons
I am happy for you to use my patterns for your own use or for charity donations.  
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  1. It's lovely Marianna, neck warmers are much more practical than scarves. :) xx

  2. I have so many patterns now that I just can’t keep up with all the comments and questions on this page, ravelry, pinterest and other sites. However, I DO want to hear from you, help you and see your lovely makes! I have a very lively facebook group page – please join me and over 6,700 other members. I check in every day and if I am not available, someone else usually is. The group is ~


  3. Thank you for sharing these lovely patterns, can't wait to get started.