Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Meaning of Life


Almost 5 years ago I came across the Loving Hands Crafting for Charity Group
 - and life has never been the same ......!
I had found an outlet for my knitting and crochet  - and my needles and hooks have never been still since!
I posted about the group here ~ 
One of the charities that Loving Hands supports is Operation Orphan - who do amazing work to create a brighter future for orphans and vulnerable children in our world.
Operation Orphan was founded by Brad and Cyrilyn Moore - I had the privilege of meeting her a couple of years ago - she is truly a remarkable woman with vision and a huge heart for all that the charity does. They have achieved amazing things ......
Marianna & Cyrilyn Moore - Sept 2012
So - when another group I have recently joined on facebook  put out an appeal for blanket squares for Nepal - to be distributed through Operation Orphan -  I knew I had to get busy ..........
I sometimes worry about donations getting to where they are needed - but not in this case - so I am happy to do my bit!
The appeal is 'Knit for Nepal'   ~
8" knit or crochet squares .............
......... so here are my first few
Warning - they are bright :)
Knit / Crochet for Nepal - 8" squares
As you know - the April earthquake in Nepal killed more than 8,000 people and injured more than 19,000.
Hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless with entire villages flattened, across many districts of the country.
A second aftershock earthquake killed and injured more .......
An international rescue and relief operation is in place but it will take years to rebuild the economy.
I am sending these squares (and more when I can) to be made into blankets - and in the hope that someone will feel their warmth.......



  1. It is so rewarding when you know that items you have made do actually arrive at their proper destination, isn't it?

  2. Lovely Marion xx great organisation operation orphan xx