Sunday, 2 November 2014

Millionaire !!!

On Friday Night I Made My First Million!
I am so excited......  :)
No ....... not $ or £ ......  Pageviews!
Who would have believed that I would have million pageviews to my blog ever - never mind in less than 2 years?
I am feeling really happy - and want to say a great big thank you to all of you who follow me. I couldn't have done it without you!
I wanted to capture the 100,000 on a screen shot - but I was away from home and it just wasn't appropriate at the time. Oh well - there will always be another milestone to reach ..... !
I was away on holiday all last week ~ and I have to say it was a very exciting week indeed.
I started the week with my two lovely daughters - we were wedding dress shopping - that is not something you do every day!
My elder daughter is getting married next summer to her sweetheart, and all the family are looking forward to the wedding very much.
She found a beautiful gown - and it was an honour to be with her when she chose it. My younger daughter will be her bridesmaid ....
and she too will need to find a special outfit that is another happy day to look forward to!
Then I went to visit my parents - to celebrate my Mum's birthday.
Most of the family were there and it was a lovely evening with a lot of laughter.
The week was not all happy, however. As we were travelling to my parent's home my younger daughter and I witnessed a very serious road traffic accident.
We escaped the crash by inches - and are lucky to be alive and uninjured.
It really brings it home to you how precious life is, and how a split second may mean life or death.
Please tell your loved ones TODAY how much they mean to you.
As for my first million...... I hope you will share my happiness.
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  1. You certainly deserve everyone of those page views. I am glad the accident missed you and am sending prayers for those involved. THANK YOU again for sharing your creativity...You are a gem

  2. Congratulations on your million page views Marianna that is a great achievement and it has gone way over that already. Congratulations to your daughter too, that's such great news and... Happy Birthday to your mum so many happy happenings. Yes there is always something to bring us crashing down to earth, life is indeed precious you never know what's around the corner. Have a great week. :) xxx

  3. Congrats to you Marianna!! Congrats to your daughter!! and Happy Birthday to your Mum!! :)

  4. Congrats on reaching the million :-) ...and I am sure many more to come