Saturday 22 March 2014

Marianna's All-in-One Sleeveless Toddler Top

My All-in-One Baby Top has been very popular over time  ~
and you all seem to love it and want it in bigger sizes too.
I previously added 2 bigger sizes for Age 1-3   &   Age 4-6, 

However ........ over time I thought I could improve the pattern, so I have re-written it, and the Age 1 - 3 is now Age 2 - 3 years. 
I have given it a tighter neckline and I think the pattern is a better fit overall. 

All-in-One Sleeveless Top for a 2-3 year Toddler/ Young Girl

Updated Version

All-in-One  Sleeveless Top        Age 2 - 3

Size ~

To fit chest:  20” – 22”  (55 – 58cm)

Length:   14” (36cm)


Requirements ~

Yarn  –  any DK  (tension 22sts over 4”/10cm )        

Needles  – 4mm throughout

Requires 3 small buttons

Instructions ~ 

Worked from the neck downwards                


Cast on 79sts

Rows 1, 2, 3, 4            Knit

Row 5                          Knit to last 3sts, yon, k2tog, k1 (makes a buttonhole)

Rows 6, 7, 8, 9            Knit

Row 10                        K5, purl to last 5sts, k5

Row 11                        Knit

Row 12                        K5, purl to last 5sts, k5

Row 13                        K9, *(yon, k1, yon, k4) rep from * to last 5sts,k5                       105sts

Rows 14, 15, 16          As rows 10, 11, 12

Row 17                        K9, *(yon, k3, yon, k4) rep from * to last 5sts, k5                      131sts

Rows 18, 19, 20          As rows 10, 11, 12

Row 21                        K9, *(yon, k5, yon, k4) rep from * to last 5sts, k5                      157sts

Row 22                        K5, purl to last 5sts, k5

Row 23                        Knit to last 3sts, yon, k2tog, k1 (makes a buttonhole)

Row 24                       K5, purl to last 5sts, k5

 Row 25                       K9, *(yon, k7, yon, k4) rep from * to last 5sts, k5                      183sts

Rows 26, 27, 28          As rows 10, 11, 12

Row 29                       K9, *(yon, k9, yon, k4) rep from * to last 5sts, k5                       209sts

Rows 30, 31, 32          As rows 10, 11, 12

Row 33                        K9, *(yon, k11, yon, k4) rep from * to last 5sts,k5                     235sts

Rows 34, 35, 36          As rows 10, 11, 12

Rows 37, 38, 39, 40    Knit

Row 41                        Knit to last 3sts, yon, k2tog, k1 (makes a buttonhole) 

Rows 42, 43, 44, 45    Knit

Row 46                       K36, cast off 48sts, k66, cast off 48sts, k35

Row 47                        Knit across all stitches (36sts for front, 67sts for back, 36sts for front)        139sts

Row 48                        K5, purl to last 5sts, k5                                                          

Row 49                        Knit

Row 50                        K5, purl to last 5sts, k5

Repeat last 2 rows until work measures 13” (33cm) in length 

Knit 9 rows

Cast off loosely knitwise

Darn away ends                     

Sew on buttons

If you like this design, and would like to make one with sleeves, you will find the pattern here ~ 

Marianna's  Lazy Daisy All-In-One Toddler Cardigan

The smaller sizes of the sleeveless top  - small newborn, 0 - 3 months, 6 months, 9 - 12 months - are on this link  ~

I am happy for you to use my patterns for your own use or for charity donations.
In addition:  You can gift or sell any finished items you make from my patterns.  

However, please do not copy my patterns

This pattern (the information and photos) may not be copied or reproduced
or republished on another webpage or website.

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  1. So pretty, Marianna!! Really great job. Thank you very much for the pattern!
    Weekend greetings, Nata

  2. Beautiful. Girls will love these.

  3. This is SO CUTE, Marianna!!! I love how it looks both in pink and white. Thanks for writing the instructions :-) I want to knit one some day

  4. They are so sweet Marianna every little girl should have one. :)

  5. I have just started this for my friend's daughter, who turns 1 in August. Thank you!

  6. Lindíssimos!
    Agradeço a explicação e vou tentar para a minha netinha.



  7. Such a WONDERFUL little sweater. Thank you SO much for making these available to us for growing little ones!

  8. I absolutely love these darling tops and have knit several of them already. Thanks for writing the patterns for larger sizes. You are extremely generous with your talent.

  9. Your patterns are the best, all sizes, including your new "boys" long sleeve jersey, Thank you.

  10. I love this model. Thanks for share. I will try to knit...

  11. I think these patterns are wonderful ... any chance they could be modified for an adult, I want one !!! ;) xxx

  12. Thank you so much. I am knitting this in Ice Yarns Maggic Glitz pink shades for a special little princess!

  13. Hi Marianna I wonder if you could help me please. I am part of a group who knit for a children Orphanage out in South Africa and we love your All-in-One Top and do this for the prem/newborn babies all the time. What I was wondering is if you could adapt your pattern to include sleeves. The sleeveless top is perfect for the summer months but the winter months get very very cold and having some sleeves would really help to keep the babies warm. I hope you can help. Many Thanks. Chris

  14. Hello Chris. I am delighted that you like my design.
    Others have asked for this too - and I am planning to include a version with sleeves in a couple of weeks.
    Best Wishes and Happy Knitting. M

  15. Hi, I just wanted to say Thank you so very much for this/these patterns! I made the smallest one yesterday and it is adorable! I'm getting ready to start the size 1-3 as we speak. I appreciate you doing this for us and hope to see more soon! :)

  16. This pattern is really great! Too bad it doesn't come in adult sizes. I think it looks really comfortable, too!

  17. Dear Marianna,
    Thank you so much for these beautiful patterns ☺ I've just completed a small top and hat for my new grandchild expected in Jan '16. It looks lovely and I'm now attempting one for big sister aged 4yrs (not to leave her out)
    I'm terminally ill and find knitting very relaxing and satisfying, I hope to start using your pattern for our local premature baby charity in the New Year, God willing, again thank you, you've given me a purpose and joy ☺


  18. Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful pattern. I started making one this afternoon for my daughter and I love the easy to follow instructions and the fact that I don't have to size up or down with my needles and that it's knit all in one piece.

  19. I so love this pattern for children. Any chance you will come out with a pattern for adult sizes? My adult Daughter and myself would love one. Thank you for all that you do <3

  20. This is the third one I've made I love them

  21. Beautiful patterns & photography! I love how you take care to use cute little hangers & cute little buttons for your designs. Also, like how you took the time to mark down the number stitches on Increase rows. Thank for for sharing your patterns with us & taking the time to create larger sizes.

  22. Hello from New Zealand
    Used unicorn coloured dyed NZ wool and looks lovely. Knitted the 1 to 3year old pattern. Worked a treat. For our cold winter nights makes a great vest for toddler over pjs. Thankyou love the quick easy pattern.

  23. I love making this cardigan. I have made it all sizes. The smaller ones for my granddaughter who is due in September. And my 4year old granddaughter who wants it in every shade of pink!
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    This is not the only one of your patterns I have used.

  24. I am thrilled this is available in the different sizes. One of my friends has a 2 yr old granddaughter i want to make one for but dont see how much yarn I will need. Thanks.