Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Scarf for my Sister

I wanted to make a scarf for my sister.
So I searched my 'stash' and found some lovely yarn that I thought she might like.
(She likes pretty things, but is definitely NOT a pink frilly sort of a girl!)
Then I looked for a pattern but I am a bit choosy - I like scarf patterns to be reversible. I just couldn't find one that I wanted to use
so I set to and designed my own.
I like the idea that she is the inspiration for a new design!
And I hope she likes it.

I used Sirdar Escape DK - it's lovely to work with - 51% wool, 49% acrylic - but I must say that it is considerably thicker than the average DK I usually use.
Using this yarn I cast on 23sts - but when I did a tension (guage) sample in other DK yarn I had to cast on 29sts to achieve the same width!!
Using 6mm needles, cast on 23sts (or any odd number of sts ~ see above)
1st Row:  S1, knit to end of the row
Repeat this row 4 times more
6th Row (Eyelet Row):  s1, k1, * k2tog, yrn, repeat from * to last 3sts, k3
Work 1st Row 6 times
Pattern Repeat ~
** Work eyelet row
Work 1st Row 6 times **
Repeat these 7 rows until the scarf is the length required
I worked until I had almost used 2 x 50g balls
Finish by casting off on the last row of a pattern repeat.
Please note: as you follow the instructions you will find that the eyelet pattern is worked on alternate right & wrong sides ~
this makes the scarf reversible




  1. Great pattern. I like reversible scarves too. I'm amazed that yarn is only dk. It looks more like Aran.

    1. Thanks Una. It's such a simple pattern and I don't think the thickness of the yarn matters - this pattern would look good in fine or thick yarn.

  2. Wow Marianna...I just love this! I have just the yarn. I make crocheted scarves also but for some reason love the drape of the knit scarves. Thanks so much. Do you like to knit better than crochet or are you like me when you get tired of one move to the next.

    1. Hello Denise. I am happy you like my scarf pattern. I love both knitting & crochet .........I learned to knit first - but I have recently been designing crochet designs too, and am gaining in confidence. I always have both on the go - and change from one to the other whenever I feel my hands or wrists getting tired. Some items seem to suit knitting better - you are right the drape is quite different.
      But crochet grows faster. I have a lot of joy from both :)

  3. beautiful scarf! thanks for sharing the how-to. I love how the colors fade and mix :-)

  4. it's lovely Marianna, thank you for sharing the pattern, I'm thinking it would look good on big needles and finer yarn to give a lacy affect, will definitely be giving it a try. :)