Thursday, 25 July 2013

Granny Triangle

I just made my first ever Granny Triangle!   What fun!
I decided this morning to join in a project I saw at Attic24.
Lucy has requested that people send her granny triangles made from acrylic yarn to make bunting for Yarndale 2013 - a new festival of creativity celebrating traditional and contemporary crafts using wool, cotton, linen and silk which will take place in September.

crochet triangle
Off to make more .........  but first ......  just one word of warning - whenever you make granny squares or triangles always darn away the ends of yarn before you start the next one. I know that - like me - you can't wait to try out your next colour combination! but being left at the end with a multitude of ends to darn away spoils the jubilation and satisfaction of a growing pile of lovely motifs.
No matter how hard it is - make it a rule :)

There is a great tutorial, in addition to Lucy's request and her pattern at

Information about Yarndale 2013 -



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