Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter

I thought I would share my 'upcycled' decorations for Easter Sunday's dining table ~
a small gift basket full of mini chocolate eggs for each person.

These little decorative gifts cost very little to make ~
* * *
the baskets started life as containers for garlic !!


I have been saving them for some time now ~ this family loves garlic.
As I wanted my little baskets to have a handle I took one basket apart and used the pieces to make handles for the ones I was going to use.
Then I filled each with mini chocolate eggs ......

added a ribbon bow ~ and a cute little Easter chick.


So simple.

Wishing you peace, love & happiness this Easter



1 comment:

  1. How beautiful - simple and very effective!
    Hope you have a very Happy Easter Marianna
    Ali x