Monday, 4 February 2013

Magic Yarn

This pretty yarn knits up in a very appealing way.
Although it is really simple to use, it somehow looks much more interesting
than plain old stocking stitch!

However it can look a bit weird if the pattern change 'happens' in the wrong place. Here are my top tips -

  • This yarn looks best knitted in stocking stitch - very ornate pattern stitches just don't look good
  • I love crochet, but this is just not the best yarn for crochet
  • Small items such as baby garments look better than very large items with a lot of stitches per row
  • If you are fussy - like me - then make sure the 'flowers' will be the right way up!! In general - if you start at the lower edge then use the yarn from the outside of the ball - if the garment is knit downwards from the neck then use the end from inside the ball. I learned this the hard way as you will see from the next to last picture below.
  • For perfect results find patterns that are knit all in one. That way the pattern bands will match. If you are making a sweater or cardi then knit all the stitches for the back and front(s) together from the lower edge to the armhole shaping. When you rejoin yarn to continue try to start the pattern repeat at the same part of the sequence. That will probably mean winding off a little yarn. (I put these into my 'bits bag' and use them in granny squares - nothing ever gets wasted). If there are sleeves - then again start both at the same part of the sequence
  • If there is a knot in the ball of yarn (grrr - agravating)- stop and look at the pattern so far - and wind off some yarn if you need to - to get back on track!  It's annoying I know - but it's worth it in the end.
all-in-one baby top
 the pattern for this cute top can be found on another post in my blog ~

Then just sit back and wait for the compliments!

This 'magic' yarn can be bought in the UK from Hobbyknits or from Aldi


  1. You have done such lovely projects with this "magic yarn". I love its effect too. Really nice!!!

  2. Thank you for the tips Marianna, it does knit up nicely, poundstretcher have it too. :)

  3. OOh what pretty wool and lovely things you have made with it Marianna...they look really soft!
    Thanks for the tips too - glad you suggested it was better for knitting!
    Ali x

    1. Thank you Ali. It is really nice when people comment. I just started blogging and it's good to know I am doing ok. !

  4. I tried knitting but it just didn't make sense to me. I love the sweet little flowers that work up in this pattern. You have made so many beautiful items. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. Glad you like my projects, Tammy. Thank you.

  5. Unos trabajos muy bonitos y originales . Enhorabuena por tu blog , hay mucho arte .Un saludo

  6. These are all so lovely! I have been wanting to knit something with this particular yarn for quite some time and your tips are just what I needed, thank you for sharing!

    1. Hope my tips and your crafting result in a lovely end product Ana. Good luck with your project.